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Ten Signs that it is time to Say Goodbye

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Date : December 29, 2016

Here are signs to determine that it is time to say goodbye to a lover, friend, family member or acquaintance:

  1. He has betrayed you by sharing your secrets with others.
  2. She is almost always unavailable for support while you always show up for her.
  3. He has a substance abuse problem that he never admits to and says you are the one that has the problem because you  have the nerve to want to discuss his alcoholism.
  4. To decrease tension, you admit to emotionally hurting him even though in your heart you don’t believe this is true.  You are aware you are just saying this stuff to maintain this dysfunctional relationship.
  5. You realize that she is not really someone you want to be  friends with because she really has no interest in anyone else but herself.
  6. You realize that you stayed in the relationship because you once thought there was great potential; that something wonderful could develop. Baseball great Joe Morgan once said, “Potential means you haven’t done nothin’ yet.”
  7. He steals from you and lies about it.
  8. You realize you have absolutely nothing in common with this person except the need to perpetuate drama.
  9. You realize that you are addicted to the drama and you understand that this is unhealthy.
  10. You realize that you can live very well without her in your life.


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